Portrait gallery. The portraits in this category are painted on demand, by photo.

The portrait can be painted in oil, acrylic or pastel realized, charcoal, graphite pencil. The price of a painted portrait differs depending on size, number of characters, the used manner (realistic, surrealist ...) and technique (oil, pastel, pencil) and varies between 50 and 350 E / character.

Portrait at order, painting on canvas, with frame.

Portrait at order

Boy portrait Painting made at order, on canvas, after photography, 35/45 cm.

Boy portrait

Portrait, drawing on cardboard, study, 25/35 cm

Man - portrait

Man portrait Graphics made after photography, mixed technique, at order

Man portrait

Man portrait Painting at order after photography, 50/70 cm.  

Man portrait 2

Old lady portrait On cartoon, pastel

Old lady portrait

Child portrait. Painting made only at order, after picture. Painting on canvas.

Child portrait

Portrait - woman, painting detail, 50/75 cm Private collection

Portrait - woman in red

Girl portrait Painting on canvas, after photography

Girl portrait

Girl Portrait Only at order, after photography, on canvas

Girl portrait 2

Woman portrait Portrait made at order in mixed technique, after photography.

Woman potrait

Hierarch portrait. Mural painting after photography, dimension 50/80 cm.

Hierarch portrait

Portrait at order. Made after vintage photo, painting on canvas, 50/70 cm.

Portret by photography

Face portrait  Painting by photography, at order.

Portrait at order - portraid by pho...

Magie noir Original painting, on canvas with chasis, 65/75 cm. Price: 1000 E.   

Magie Noir

Resentments 2 Original painting on canvas, 40/55 cm Price: 400 E

Resentments 2

Sara Painting made at order, after photo, made in fantasy style, 40/60 cm.

Portrait - Sara

Eye study  Sketch, creyon.

Eye study - Graphics

Hand of apostle Interpretation after Durer. At order.

Hands of apostle - interpretation

Portrait, 30/50 cm, painting on canvas. Private collection

Girl portrait 2


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